So I have a bruised rib!!

About two months ago I started Judo, I was going to be the Judo master! The master of all men when it comes to fighting (while wearing the appropriate uniform and absolutely no punching or kicking at all or violence, none of that).  It was all going well until I sparred with one of the blackbelts and got my ass thrown, thrown good, landed hard. So that was a month ago and that motha is still painful.  So today I decided I had to suck it up and it was off to the hospital with me.

This isn't mine...just looks cool.

Japanese hospitals are strange.  This particular one had me fill out some forms (as you do), well long story short I now have a membership card for that hospital.

Pink = happy patient!!!!



In other news I have completed step 1 in the fight against fat!!

The Irotec MAN-MANGLER 2000

I am so going to sit on this, I’m gonna sit on it good…and lift things, heavy things!!!

I may have made the name up but what a name!!!  Now I just need to get me some heavy things and bars on which to put them. Check out my bitchin sentence structuring at the end of that last sentence there, go on, check it out.

Well I’m off to get batteries.

About gazztastic

This blog is another attempt at self motivation to do these four things in a year: (In order of supposed difficulty) 1). Achieve at a 75% or higher in the JLTP 二級 test. 2). Write and record a song every two months 3). Learn all the modes in guitar, learn to play at least 3 classical pieces and learn to sweep pick. 4).......lose 10 kilos Should be doable if I can make myself get up and do them!!!!
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