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The return of the thing!!!

UPDATE: Well This blog hadn’t even been published and already so much shiz happened.  This update is being brought to you on the 20th of February.  All pre-“AND NOW” information was written two days ago.  I now have my computer back … Continue reading

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My Apple won’t work!!

Mmm mmmmm   The Apple, a humble tasty fruit.  The only thing that can ruin it is a sneaky worm burrowing its way to the core.  Always ready to refresh and add flair to the diet.  Versatile, delicious and ready for action.  The … Continue reading

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Bicep mash!!!!

Well kids for those of you interested I have posted the fist week of workout progress with picture of “End-of-Week-One-Gary”.  You can find that post here.  Week 1 is a bit late so Week 2 should be up tomorrow.  This … Continue reading

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Natto…and no, I didn’t misspell NATO!

For those of you who do not know what Natto is; the reason behind this post will only become clear to you as you read on.  However those that do know what Natto is will already know exactly what tone … Continue reading

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Good day to you all.  Week one of workout madness has been cut short due to traveling but no matter, I got most of what I wanted done.  I think I’m gonna start another page which will just follow the … Continue reading

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