Natto…and no, I didn’t misspell NATO!

For those of you who do not know what Natto is; the reason behind this post will only become clear to you as you read on.  However those that do know what Natto is will already know exactly what tone this post will take.  It is one of disgust and hatred.  Allow me to show you what Natto is:

A fine breakfast treat.

Your eyes do not deceive you, those are chopsticks beside the Natto.  This of course means that some people eat and enjoy this sticky mess of a “food”.  You can look here for the full breakdown on what Natto is but to put it simply it is soy beans fermented with bacteria, it is sticky, smelly and not tasty. 

Those who know me will know that I eat most things around me as long as they are not so spicy that I can’t even taste the stupid fuc….. well that’s another rant, basically I am not a fussy eater but I will not eat Natto!!! 

This frustrates me a little as while Natto is a traditional and beloved Japanese food it is also a traditional enemy to the 外人 (gaijin-foreigner) and as an eater of food I wanted to see if I could stand the stuff instead of being another hater.  You do get the odd foreigner who loves the stuff and continuously reminds everyone how delicious they think it is in the hopes that you will think they are sooo integrated into Japanese society and be jealous.  Thankfully I do not know any of these people but they are out there!!! 

Bless you!

What you see above is my Natto, after I had finished my burdock root salad (actually very nice!!).  I did not eat it.  I have an unwritten agreement with the teacher beside me, he gives me his milk in exchange for any 和食 (japanese food) I don’t like and my coffee milk on coffee milk day.  So my Natto is his Natto!!  Ok well this didn’t have too much hatred or disgust but you should know that is all I have for Natto!!

 Well that is all for now.  Here is a nice image on which to end this post:

True love!!

About gazztastic

This blog is another attempt at self motivation to do these four things in a year: (In order of supposed difficulty) 1). Achieve at a 75% or higher in the JLTP 二級 test. 2). Write and record a song every two months 3). Learn all the modes in guitar, learn to play at least 3 classical pieces and learn to sweep pick. 4).......lose 10 kilos Should be doable if I can make myself get up and do them!!!!
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One Response to Natto…and no, I didn’t misspell NATO!

  1. Sonya Ives-Finkhousen says:

    That first photo looks like undigested cat vomit. Just sayin.

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