The return of the thing!!!

UPDATE: Well This blog hadn’t even been published and already so much shiz happened.  This update is being brought to you on the 20th of February.  All pre-“AND NOW” information was written two days ago.  I now have my computer back sporting a lovely new battery.  They told me it would take a week, it took 3 days. I am pleased.

Good day to you all.  Yesterday was both good and bad.  It saw the return of the iPhone but also the removal of my computer to have its battery replaced.

A happy time!!

I summon you to fulfill your oath!!

A sad time!

One battery to rule them all...blah blah blah lord of the rings quote!

The Japanese.

I have nothing really to report as I sit and type right now so I think I will talk about my study of Japanese.  It has not formally started.  I am not a very disciplined person when it comes to motivating myself to do things I know I want to do.  But then I see that it will be hard work and it is much easier to just watch The big bang theory.  So on my to-do list with the Japanese is to learn Kanji.  This is top.  I can’t read this fucking language.  So some form of study will have to start soon.  I have more than enough books to get my grammar down and lovely so that should be no problem, I just need someone with a big hammer to schmack me in the face when I go off track!!


The workin’ out.

I think I have done well with the exercise plan, I am following it and keeping my diet healthy and it seems to be going well but the other resolutions seem to have suffered because of that.  I think I may add getting my black belt in Judo as one of my goals.  This shouldn’t take too much longer than a year.  If I can get my Katas down it may take much less than a year but we shall see.

Read about this weeks workout here.

The music

I have loads of ideas for parts of songs but no full set out plan for one whole song.  Also I cannot write lyrics, to be honest I don’t really care about them.  When I listen to music I never pick out the lyrics as something I listen to first.  I think they add good rhythm to the song but I always listen mainly to the music and whats going on there.  One of my favourite songs is Hotel California and only when I was learning it on the guitar and sat down to read the lyrics did I see how good they were.  My favourite part is the guitar solo (people who know me will not be surprised by this).  So I am afflicted with a complete apathy towards lyrics.  Need to get rid of that and get my appreciation on.

I have now narrowed down what songs I would like to learn and I think I will add Andy Mckee’s “Rylynn” to that list as well. So at least that part is going ok.  I also need to start learning sweeping, more scales and more guitar theory.  This is not hard to do but getting myself to sit down and just do it is proving a challenge.  I am also worried that when I come across difficulties (and I will) I will lose my, usually very calm and controlled, temper and I don’t like when that happens!!

So, basically I just need to get my ass in gear and JUST DO IT!!!!

Nike did not pay me to put their logo and phrase in my very popular and well written blog but if they want to start I will put them everywhere! Everywhere I tell you!!!


I finally have something interesting to put in this week’s blog!! And here is how it goes:

How the history books will write it!!

One day a young man by the name of  Dr. Gary Furlong went to visit his friend Erica.  The reasons for the visit were twofold: 1; he was a young and gentle soul and wished to know how his friend was doing and 2; he had to use her computer because his was off being fixed.

As he entered the house he presented the young lady with a bouquet of carnations as he remembered how much she liked them, they reminded her of past summers spent in southern Malta.

The young Dr. Furlong seated himself and began attending to the task of donating most of his salary to the Canadian Baby Seal fund which was mainly being spent on tiny helmets.  When he had finished this he thanked his hostess with rich Belgian chocolates and took his leave, but as he was passing the washing machine something caught his eye.

From the young Doctor’s experience in the past he knew instantly that one of the fittings was corroded and needed replacing, he purchased the necessary parts and fixed the small leak leaving the washing machine in perfect working order.

What really happened

I needed to use Erica’s computer (thank you Erica) ’cause I wanted to buy a desk and a PS3, so in I went.  I did all I needed to do and was chatting to the young miss.

She told me that her washing machine was leaking.  My own washing machine had leaked before and I fixed that so I told her I would take a look.  The leak was small but water was coming out consistently so I tried to tighten the part.

There is tap on the wall behind our washing machines that feeds water, through a tube, directly into the machine.  I thought the fitting was just a bit loose so I gave it a turn.

The leak didn’t stop as it had done with mine….So I turned it again, and the leak got a little worse.  It was probably around this point that I should have given up but on I went.  I tried to push the fitting up further on the tap thinking maybe it wasn’t on tight enough, the leak got a little worse and was accompanied by a hissing noise.  I tried to tighten it even more and the leak got worse still. Hssssssssss.

Then, and I’m not sure how this happened maybe I was putting too much pressure on the fitting but, it flew off.  Water was spraying out of the tap and in my panic I tried to put the fitting back on which just caused water to spray all over my face and Erica’s wall.  I struggled with the spewing beast for few seconds while shouting “I’m sorry Erica” through a faceful of water.  Only after a few seconds did I realise it was a tap, I could turn it off.  By then, though, there was a very splash worthy pool where Erica’s washing machine should have been.  Erica had run out of the apartment to get Theo while talking on the phone to our supervisor, Hayashi san.

She came over and we explained what happened.  So we took the fitting apart and found that it had corroded in one part and that the faucet had a hole in it.  So while she went out to get the part, myself and Erica began the drying process.

Hayashi san got back and then I (being a very masculine man) fixed the whole thing!!!  Put the part on and tested it, and as of today it is till working fine.  Woop.


The water damage was already there so shaddup!!

So in summary I went to Erica’s place, found out exactly what was wrong with the washing machine and fixed it.  Not bad if I do say so myself.

Ok so now, back to my Sunday!!!


About gazztastic

This blog is another attempt at self motivation to do these four things in a year: (In order of supposed difficulty) 1). Achieve at a 75% or higher in the JLTP 二級 test. 2). Write and record a song every two months 3). Learn all the modes in guitar, learn to play at least 3 classical pieces and learn to sweep pick. 4).......lose 10 kilos Should be doable if I can make myself get up and do them!!!!
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2 Responses to The return of the thing!!!

  1. Buu says:

    buy me a hammer, I enjoy schmacking. might also help me lose 5 kilos.

    agree halfway about what you said on music. I listen to the music, lyrics come later after I decide that I like the music. but, lyrics can destroy a good piece of music. if the music is good enough for me to start listening to the lyrics, then the lyrics should be half decent. if they’re not, they make me like the music less.

    I also have parts of songs but never a full song. but I also find lyric writing to be easier than composition (though I’m probably only able to say that cause I have no knowledge or experience in either one)

    I also need to get my butt in gear…this job is squeezing all the energy and time outta me. I need to have the motivation to actually listen to what I recorded and then post it up but I just never seem to get to that point.

    and it would be great to have you come up here and help me clean the place…although it sounds like it would get worse before better ahaha. but hey all’s well that ends well eh? or aye.

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