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Involuntary goodness.

This post was spurred on by a very weird thing that just happened to myself.  I was eating a wee slice of meat for a bit of an almost-post-work-out snack. I was in the process of swallowing the yum slice … Continue reading

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Look to the SKY….and the BBC

Times are hard in Japan at the moment.  Fortunately I am placed in an area that hasn’t been affected by Friday’s 8.9 magnitude Earthquake or the tsunami and for the moment we don’t appear to be in danger of nuclear … Continue reading

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Musical dance dance!

Good morning all!!  Well there isn’t much to talk about this week at all.  Although I feel it has been a busy week.  There is nothing really news-worthy about myself stored in the “This week” section of my memory.  I got myself a Playstation … Continue reading

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