Involuntary goodness.

This post was spurred on by a very weird thing that just happened to myself.  I was eating a wee slice of meat for a bit of an almost-post-work-out snack. I was in the process of swallowing the yum slice when I suddenly thought “Hmm, I don’t feel that this piece of delicious roast pork is adequately chewed, I think I will chew it a bit more”.  At this point it was half way down my throat but I tried to get the sucker back up anyway, sadly this was not to be.  I am not sure if I have the prowess or the vocabulary to describe what happened next but I will try.  I was trying to scooch the meat up but my throat had other ideas, it was pulling the meat back in, it felt like there was a little snake in my throat and it was hungry for MEAT and sucked it back in.  I don’t want to get too graphic but picture a person choking on some food, their mouth will be open and they will be making the appropriate retching movements, well that was me but the little snake in the throat just wanted his meat…Well it made me laugh after!!!!

Eh...yea. So, that's what snakes look like.

I was going to put a picture of a snake in a persons mouth but this seemed the better option, just in case my story is actually lame instead of SIDE-SPLITTINGLY funny!

In Gary news I am still as tall as I have always been and I don’t see that changing unless I have a fight with a christmas tree mulcher in the near future (and believe me it could happen..bastards).

I am being a big floopy faced nerd so I am.  I have been playing Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion for the past while and it is addictive so it is!!  I am now a Warlock in the Mages Guild and I am the Grand Champion of the Imperial City Arena!!  I am also a Bandit in the Thieves Guild but herein lies my dilemma: they want me to steal from the Arcane University….THE ARCANE UNIVERSITY!!!  That’s the home of the Mages Guild!!!  Oh my God you people confuse me, I drop this bomb of exciting nerd knowledge on your asses and all I get is blank stares!!!


Japan is a strange place, particularly the education system.  Most teachers work for the Prefecture and not the city in which they are currently teaching. This means that the prefecture can send them pretty much anywhere (within the prefecture).  They will usually spend three years at one school and then be moved on to another where they will spend another three years, then they can request to be placed somewhere.  The other day we had a big party for the teachers who are leaving this year.  There were tears.  Although I have only just got here I still had to put on my most masculine Johnson’s No more tears face.   I taught with two of the teachers that are leaving and do Judo with another.

So we had the big party and it was filled with speeches and people crying.  I was dragged up to say some words to the teacher with whom I do Judo and to be honest this annoyed me!!  They had the whole day to tell me they wanted me to say something and had they done so I would have prepared something nice and IN JAPANESE!!  I got all flustered and didn’t want to fuck up so I said something in English.  Anyway no more being annoyed.

 Another thing to put in the “Japan is strange” folder is that around the spring holiday, in an effort to keep busy, the teachers are moved into different sections.  This means moving to another desk or moving your desk to another place.  I am lucky enough to not have to move but other teachers are going to have to move their stuff and, in some cases, their actual desk to a different part of the staff room.  Madness I tell you.



Workout news

Ladies and gentlemen the Man Mangler 5 balillion is almost complete and brings me ever closer to being able to create bicep mash!!

She is almost complete!!

 As you can see I have a rack on which to store my weights and it looks bitchin!!  I have a total of 115kg so I shouldn’t need to get any more weights to achieve Awesome.  I just need my squat rack (which was shipped today FINALLY) and then I will be set!!  You can catch up with my progress (slow though it may be) here.

I am also on the road to being a black belt in Judo, I think I hurt my knee last night but tis no big deal, I will rest it today and see how it feels tomorrow.

At the moment I have more in common with the white guy but someday I will be Koga Awesome!! Aiming a bit high I think.

Music News!

None to speak of really.  I have been playing more guitar but nothing is coming of it.  I think I need to start listening to different music I think.  If there any suggestions then please leave a comment.

She's not wrong you know!


Japanese News!

Hmm? Sorry? What was that?….Yea I suck at keeping to my resolutions apart from the working out and Judo.  I speak japanese nearly everyday but nothing substantial.  I usually just say “Hai” or “Un” or “Sou desu ka” which just means “Yes”, “yes” and “Oh really”.  So I think I need to start reading more.  I will get on that.


 Song of the day



As the title suggests I am trying to get the word count for this post up to 1000 words. I plan to do that by writing in this section.  What shall I write? Quintuplets like Jelly! Oh yes!


About gazztastic

This blog is another attempt at self motivation to do these four things in a year: (In order of supposed difficulty) 1). Achieve at a 75% or higher in the JLTP 二級 test. 2). Write and record a song every two months 3). Learn all the modes in guitar, learn to play at least 3 classical pieces and learn to sweep pick. 4).......lose 10 kilos Should be doable if I can make myself get up and do them!!!!
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4 Responses to Involuntary goodness.

  1. Richard says:




    (The last one’s the best :D)

  2. K-MAN says:

    Bruce Springsteen is f*%$ing NUTS

  3. Beatriz, the crazy Spaniard says:

    1. Talking about crazy country/people/manias? Try China my dear!
    2. I’m one of those who think your snake story is deadly fun, a little dangerous (you could’ve chocked, and I is not pleased with the odds of that happening!) and a little disgusting too xD As I read it, I pictured a cow getting all the stuff back in the mouth three times before actually swallowing it xD
    3. Music? BARBERSHOP! No kidding honey, it’s AWESOME. Here’s a link with a few direct download links CDs (and I’ll get back to you with more cool stuff!) PS: post is in SPanish but CDs are in english. The download links are all after the spanish sentence “Enlace de descarga”–>
    4. Miss me? ^^ I do miss ya my little pleb :$

  4. Buu says:

    how does the title suggest you’re trying for 1000 words…haha I reread this and the meat description made me laugh again (this time I’m at home so I’m safe…or wait should I be trying harder to keep it secret that I read your blog at work sometimes…)

    boo-yah on that music comic. wahaha. and of course we know she’s a girl and not just a guy with long hair because she has good taste in music…yup.

    songs…for some reason I suddenly thought of this Taiwanese goodness. it’s simple but one of the first songs that made me think maybe I wanted to learn guitar. don’t really like the Eng translation but it’s the best quality vid I found

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