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Let’er rip!!

I have but a small post to offer you all today.  It is a tale of deserved woe.  Karma is having her way with me and so I write about it here.  Today I have drawn pictures to represent the … Continue reading

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The most stressful post in the land!

Some news:  Yesterday I began writing this very post on Blogger. Reader:  But Gary, why would you do that, don’t you realise that you can write blogs here too!? Me:  Yes, dear reader, I do.  But the heat of this … Continue reading

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Moan for my sporty monkey baby!!

Long time no see sports fans!!  Not that I can see you now, nor do I assume that all of you are true fans of sport, or think that you come here to satisfy that particular interest.  However just in case you have come here … Continue reading

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